New Taipei City – 小伍牛肉麵 YongHe Beef Noodles!

YongHe (永和) is one of the most densely populated places not only in Taiwan, but in the world. There are a plethora of alley ways, streets and winding roads. It is VERY easy to get lost. But if you do, then get in a taxi and get to this Beef Noodle shop. It will be worth the $70 taxi trip, I assure you.

Around a 15-20min walk away from DingXi station, located on FuHe road 福和路 near the intersection with ZhuLin road 竹林路 (福和竹林路口) sits this little gem, just waiting to be explored. I’ve been here a few times, now, and each time there has been a steady flow of customers both eating in and taking out. There are no queues, so for those of you who are not quite fully convinced of the lining up nature of eating at a good restaurant here, then this place is worth a shot.

For me, Beef Noodles are not something I often eat. Why? Because, when they are done right, they are just too good. But, when they are done wrong, its a crying shame. There is nothing I miss more about England than those Sunday lunches: a perfect time for the family to get together, have some drinks and have a big roast dinner (we are talking roast potatoes, carrots, peas, brocolli, beef, horseradish sauce..). I digress. So, therefore, I only ever eat beef noodle soup upon recommendation of somewhere particularly special, otherwise I may just leave feeling rather upset and homesick.

This menu is very user friendly and it offers up some pictures, for a better idea of what you might get upon ordering. The three different columns are for the type of noodles you would like. Reading from left to right you have: LaMian (la1mian4 拉麵) which are the more thick noodles, XiMian (xi4mian4 細麵) which are the thin noodles, and finally you have the soup option with no noodles (tang1pin3 湯品). I have to say, that for a beef noodle shop, this place is probably about the average price. However, I would say that value for money is very good and certainly worth of the $200+/- price tag. 

Of course, side dishes are a must. The small plates in restaurants are often priced at $25-$30 and Taiwanese people will often get one to accompany their main meal. This is often a good chance to get your portion of vegetables in. However, we decided to go for the spicy tofu and small fish small plate, which we just picked out from a selection of plates. With any bowl of beef noodles that I will eat, there needs to be a copious amount of pickled Chinese cabbage with it. Often, the beef noodle shops will have a pot on each table, but here we just took it from next to the small plate section. 

We ordered the Beef Roll (niu2rou4juan3bing3 牛肉捲餅). I will often order this in such a restaurant, as I feel like if it is done well, then it is a good indicator as to whether the restaurant will be good or bad. Its a simple creation, using a scallion pancake, wrapped around a filling of thing slices of beef, scallions and also often a tangy beef paste. It is delicious, especially when paired with that chilli sauce you can see in the above picture.

I ordered the Spicy Beef noodles with beef stomach and tendon (ma2la4niu2san1bao3 麻辣牛三寶) with the thick noodles (拉麵). MaLa 麻辣 is a type of cuisine originating from the Szechuan Province of China. It loosely translates as ‘spicy and numb’ which gives you an idea of how spicy it is going to be. However, a good 麻辣 dish will often have a good level of spice running through it, and the shock to your lips and tongue shouldn’t be an ongoing sensation. The spice in this dish was beautiful and it was wonderfully balanced, allowing you to still taste the beef broth. The tendon was cooked to a silky smooth consistency and it was lovely and rich in it’s taste. If this is something you haven’t tasted before, then I would recommend giving it a try. It has a subtle taste, with just a little bite in the middle but soft around the outside. The beef itself, within the deliciously spicy broth, was of ample quantity and also very nice quality. There was a good amount of fat running throughout the beef allowing it to remain succulent but also enough meat to really impart that beef flavour into the broth. 

We both ordered the same dish, because it just sounded so good! So, unfortunately, there are no more pictures of the other dishes. However, this dish is good enough, alone, to be the reason why you should be coming here! 

The opening times are between 11am-9pm every day except Thursday.


Number 212, FuHe road, YongHe District, New Taipei City.

Happy Eating!

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