Taipei restaurant – 杭州小籠湯包 Hang Zhou Steamed Soup Dumplings

So, we’ve probably all been to DingTaiFung 鼎泰豐 once, twice, maybe even more if you’re a big fan of Soup Dumplings. But, for a change, we decided to check out this place. It comes highly recommended as the ‘next best thing’ to 鼎泰豐, so I was excited to check it out. It didn’t disappoint:

It is set back on a busy road, between some tall buildings, and with the gate at the front, it looks almost secretive. Lurking at the back is a vast restaurant with a wonderfully open, breathable and friendly feel to it.

From the pavement

Within the gates
You get to see the kitchen staff making the dumplings from within the steaming part of the kitchen

The decor inside is fun and bright, everything wooden and inviting

We arrived around 11:45 and it wasn’t busy yet, but as we sat and ate it did start to get busier, with a lot of tables reserved. So, if you don’t reserve a table, I would probably suggest getting there before 12 to guarantee you not having to wait.

What we ordered:
1. 小籠湯包 Steamed soup dumplings
2. 蟹黃小籠包 Crab roe steamed soup dumplings 
3. 南瓜鮮魚餃 Pumpkin flavoured fish dumplings
4. 大餅捲牛肉 Beef pancake roll
5. 芋頭西米露 Taro and sago dessert 
6. 豆沙鍋餅 Red bean fried pancake
7. 流沙奶黃包 Custard bun

1. 小籠包 xiao3long2bao1 Steamed soup dumplings:

This is the signature dish of this restaurant, and they were pretty good. The dumpling itself was really nice and thin, meaning that I could probably take down a whole bamboo steamer (籠 long2) to myself. However, I didn’t, today I shared. We opted for the 4 because we wanted to check out the other dumplings, but there is also an option to get 8 in a larger bamboo steamer. The meat inside was plentiful, but it was just OK – nothing really to write home about. It is always pork meat inside, and the combination can sometimes change, but it is mostly a pork meat and scallion combination. The soup inside was delicious, however, and I was left wanting more! For those of you who don’t know, I will break down the eating process for Soup Dumplings:

First, take the dumpling with your chopsticks and dip into your ginger soy/ginger vinegar or ginger whatever combination.

Next, place your dumpling on your spoon and carefully tear a small hole in the bottom of the dumpling, allowing the fantastic cooking juices to ooze out.

Then, pick the dumpling up with your chopsticks to further allow every last drop of liquid gold to come out from within the beautiful dumpling casing.

Finally, you can choose whether to eat your dumpling first or drink your soup first.

2. 蟹黃小籠包 Crab roe steamed soup dumplings 

For me, these were the stars of the show. The meat inside was a pork and crab roe mix, with some crab roe for decoration and added decadence on top of the dumpling. The meat inside was perfectly moist and it was truly delicious. The skin is the same as of the 小籠包, so it was thin and amazing. My only negative thing to say? I wish we ordered the 8, instead of the 4. 

3. 南瓜鮮魚餃 Pumpkin flavoured fish dumplings
These are visually wonderful, and whilst the taste doesn’t match up to the beauty of the dumpling, it was still good enough for me to want more. The dumpling skin is made with pumpkin, which makes it a tiny bit sweeter than the other dumplings. The different crimping style of these means that they aren’t quite as light as the 小籠包, and they don’t have any soup inside. I would probably order these again, but only the 4.

4. 大餅捲牛肉 Beef pancake roll
As can be seen in my YongHe Beef Noodle Soup Restaurant post, I am a big fan of the beef roll. I’m not going to go into much detail about it on this page in particular, because I’ve already described the make-up of this delicious roll. However, I can say, that this is one of the better beef rolls I have had the pleasure of eating, and it is also plentiful! 

5. 芋頭西米露 Taro and sago dessert
Don’t dismiss this dish based on the look: a lot of Taro dishes can be bright purple or a greyish purple colour. However, I have very much been turned into a regular taro eater. This dish contains small chunks of delicately cooked taro, and also several helpings of sago (a little bit like tapioca). It is made with milk and a syrup, but it isn’t too sweet. I think it cleans the palette well and it’s a solid order for other restaurants from me, too. 

6. 豆沙鍋餅 Red bean fried pancake
This sort of dish is often found in steamed dumpling places (although I don’t really know why). It is comprised of two pancakes, with a sweet red bean paste to within, then a generous sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds. It is panfried, which makes the sesame seeds on the outside crunchy, and allowing the sweet red bean paste within, to become hot and gain a deeper red bean flavour.

7. 流沙奶黃包 Custard bun
On a diet? Don’t get these. They are heaven, but in line with many things taste amazing, it isn’t healthy at all. Nestled within these steamed miniature bread balls, is a melted butter, sugar and cream concoction. You have to allow the ball to breath for a little first, at no point should you just take a bite – as you will burn everything inside your mouth. They’re awesome, nothing more needs to be said, but just stick to one each, as they are also quite sickly. 

Best dish: 2, it was really, really, good! 
Dish I won’t order again: I’d order all of the dishes again, and again, and again…

Overall, I can highly recommend this place for your fix of everything steamed. It isn’t hugely cheap, but it is worth the extra few pennies! And, the menu is in Chinese and English, even better.

台北市松山區民生東路三段 118 號

No.118, Sec. 3, Minsheng E. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City

Happy Eating!

Author: eatingintaipei

Recently moved out to Taiwan and don't know how to order at restaurants? I got you sorted. Can read some characters but still don't quite know what you're ordering? I got you sorted. This site has been developed to help people who can't speak or read Mandarin. I use pinyin, characters and English to talk about food ordering, and how you can do it at specific restaurants. If you like it, then give me a shout! Ash.

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