Taipei City – 281 雞蛋糕 Egg cakes

雞蛋糕 jī dàn gāo is a popular night market snack as an on-the-go dessert of sorts. The original 雞蛋糕 was created using cast iron animal molds, pouring the egg cake mixture into the molds and then closing the lid on top of the model, which was then heated to really high temperatures. Not much has changed from those days, however, now a lot of the molds are simply cake shaped or oval shaped. However, these animal shape ones are a little more fun! 

This place is right near the MuJi Beef Noodles, which I reviewed here: MuJi Beef Noodles so you could do exactly what we did and team up a steaming bowl of beef noodles with these delicious hot egg cakes.

You can see that 4 moulds can be used at any given time, and there are a wide variety of flavours to have:

奶油 nǎi yóu Cream
原味 yuán  wèi Original 
巧克力 qiǎo  kè  lì Chocolate
起司 qǐ  sī Cheese
鮮肉 xiān  ròu Meat (probably pork)
 奶酥 nǎi  sū Butter
 芝麻 zhī  má Sesame
紅豆 hóng  dòu Red bean
芋頭 yù  tóu Taro

So there’s a flavour for each day of the week, and the rest! We ordered the 巧克力 and the 原味. 

The animals make it quite fun, but don’t alter the flavour in any way. It’s just for show. The chocolate ones are nice, the chocolate taste isn’t bitter or sweet, it’s fairly well on the centre line between the two. 

It’s moist on the inside, and with a soft exterior, too. The taste is just OK, it’s nothing jaw-dropping, but it’s a solid 雞蛋糕. 

The 原味 is also a solid 雞蛋糕 but also nothing extra special. For me, I am a much bigger fan of the 紅豆餅 hóng  dòu  bǐng because it has the actual paste within it, and is more like a crispy waffle. But, for 雞蛋糕 these are a solid effort and worth a try, they’re also amazingly inexpensive, so why on Earth not. 


No.281 WuXing Street, XinYi District,Taipei City.

Happy Eating!

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