Taipei restaurant – Ramen Hero – XinYi Breeze Center

Value for money: 7/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Quality of food: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

The new Breeze Center in the XinYi district is definitely worth taking a walk around. Whilst a lot of the clothes are top-end designers, there are some reasonably priced clothes shops among them and also there is a Crate and Barrel on B1 (for anyone who doesn’t know, its like a slightly better IKEA). 

But I wasn’t there for shopping, I was there for eating (of course, nothing less!)

Ramen Hero is a Ramen noodle restaurant that has recently come over from Japan, with it’s first (and currently only) store opening in the XinYi Breeze Center.

Here’s what we ordered:

1. 鐵板咖哩炒飯 tiě bǎn kā lī chǎo fàn  – Teppanyaki curry fried rice

2. 豚骨醬油拉麵 tún gǔ jiàng yóu lā miàn – House special Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen

3. 餃子 jiǎo zì  – Gyoza

4. 可爾必思 kě ěr bì sī  – Calips

1. 鐵板咖哩炒飯 tiě bǎn kā lī chǎo fàn  – Teppanyaki curry fried rice

It’s brought to your table on a hot plate, and then the curry sauce, rice, egg and corn is mixed together by the staff for you. 

Like many, I am a big fan of fried rice. This rice, similar to the Korean Bibimbap, remains scalding hot and begins to get a little crunchy if left a while on the hot plate it’s served on.

The taste of the curry sauce is OK, the rice is OK, the egg is OK and the entire dish is just OK. I wouldn’t race back to order it, but if someone put it in front of me I would eat it.

2. 豚骨醬油拉麵 tún gǔ jiàng yóu lā miàn – House special Tonkotsu Shouyu ramen

The house special Ramen arrives and immediately I felt disappointed. We got to the Breeze center on a Friday evening at the evening meal rush time, and I accept that. However, if you work in a restaurant anywhere then you still need to pay attention to detail. For example, the green onion on the side of the bowl doesn’t give a great first impression. The general marks around the inside of the bowl show that it was rushed, and the green onion within the bowl has already sunk into the broth.

The meat was OK. The flavour was fairly bland, and it was quite a thin piece of meat.

The noodles (for me) were disappointing: they were soft. I want my noodles (in any dish) to be slightly chewy and left a little harder in the center of the noodle. This is probably just a personal thing, though.

The broth was fairly neutral in flavour and wasn’t really salty at all. However, it did seem to lack that little something extra to lift it up to a good quality bowl of Ramen.

3. 餃子 jiǎo zì  – Gyoza

Gyoza are pretty much the same as the pot sticker dumplings we are all so used to in 八方. They are fried to give a little crunch on the bottom of the dumpling, whilst the top of the dumpling is steamed.

The filling inside is a basic pork and green onion filling. This was probably the best thing we had at Ramen Hero. The dumpling tasted nice and fresh and they were quite small which made for a great addition to the meal.

4. 可爾必思 kě ěr bì sī  – Calips

A refreshing drink if there ever was one.

Overall, I was disappointed with Ramen Hero. We waited in like around 20-25mins at peak time, but it wasn’t particularly worth the wait. If I had to choose, I would much rather go up to NeiHu and eat the Ramen at XiHu Market.

Best dish: 3. 餃子 jiǎo zì  – Gyoza

Dish I wouldn’t order again: Probably 1 or 2. They’re just ok, nothing special or exciting.

Ramen Hero on Facebook


XinYi Breeze Center, No. 68 ZhongXiao East Road, Section 5, XinYi District,Taipei City

Author: eatingintaipei

Recently moved out to Taiwan and don't know how to order at restaurants? I got you sorted. Can read some characters but still don't quite know what you're ordering? I got you sorted. This site has been developed to help people who can't speak or read Mandarin. I use pinyin, characters and English to talk about food ordering, and how you can do it at specific restaurants. If you like it, then give me a shout! Ash.

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