Value for money: 9/10
Cleanliness: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Quality of food: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

You’re hit with colour and liveliness from the moment you walk in.

The art on the wall is from a popular artist invited up to decorate this place, from Taichung. It’s fun!

The layout is a lot like Beer and Cheese just up the road. They could perhaps do with a description about the flavours and differences…



The atmosphere certainly feels comfortable, I could whittle away a few hours sat in the window watching the rain, that’s for sure (but that’s not me, I’m here to eat!).


To the table:

This was quite a nice change from the boring warm water usually served at the table. This water was infused with both rosemary and lemon, adding almost a tea-like flavour with a nice citrus twist.

The menu:

What we ordered:

Fried Wanton with spinach and mozzarella
zhà bō cài qǐ sī hún tun

How cool and delicious do these little beauties look?

Served on a sweet and sticky chilli sauce, these fried spinach and cheese wantons were a good way to start the meal. Plenty of filling is packed inside, and the outside remains deliciously crunchy but not too thick.

Raw Pad Thai 
tài shì shā lā (miàn) 

I do love a good pad thai. This one is raw, so it isn’t cooked in any way – quite different to the pad thai I usually indulge in. However, it still worked well. There are plenty of peanuts lending a hard crunch and plenty of finely sliced raw veggies allowing a softer crunch.

It was good but it wasn’t as good as it looked.

Plant-based burger with Kimchi Mayo
quán zhí pào cài měi nǎi sī hàn bǎo 

Yum yum yum! And not just the burger, but the fries are absolutely awesome. They are worth coming back for, alone.
The burger has lots of layers of fresh flavours, but the patty is a bit too soft for my liking.
The kimchi mayonnaise is 100% vegan and tastes delicious! Why wouldn’t you get it?!

gān nà xǔ 

Definitely a top dessert, right here!

If you ever want to indulge in chocolate naughtiness in a vegan way, this is the one for you. However, be aware, it is big! This took two of us to finish it.

The salt on the top complimented the dark chocolate and pulled out more flavours. The ice cream in the middle added good texture and made it feel even more naughty. Finally, the bottom layer of chocolate was soft, chewy and a great way to end the mouthful of chocolaty goodness.

Definitely save room for this!

Flight of 3 beers:Founders Rubaeus Raspberry

Not my choice order, and I wouldn’t order it again. It has a strong raspberry flavour and tastes quite sweet. Basically, I am not a fruit beer fan, at all. If you are, then maybe you will like it.

Heretic Chocolate Hazelnut Porter

This was good, but didn’t set my world alight. It’s like a lot of porters out there: dark caramel and coffee flavour.

Modern Times Blackhouse Stout

My favourite drink of the night – much deeper in flavour than the porter and a smoother and more refined finish than the porter, too. Delicious.

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Opening Times:
Every day
11:00 – 00:00

02 2378 8322


No. 252, KeeLung road, section 2, DaAn District, Taipei City

Happy eating!

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