Taipei City – 炎神拉麵 Taiwan Engine Ramen

Value for money: 8/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Ramen in Taipei is not difficult to get your hands on. Before this, my last trip to a Ramen place was Nagi, before that 麺屋一燈 and also Ramen Hero, 博多拉麵 and one in 西湖市場. Basically, there is no shortage if you’re in that mood.

Fire Ramen tends to stick to traditions and keep the ingredients in the ‘tried and tested’ zone. No problem with that, unless you’re fancying something a little different. If you’re going for that, then I suggest Nagi – a personal favourite.



There’s ample seating.


The menu


Anything that has a rosette on it saying No.1 has to be a good shout, right?



There’s also the option to add noodles – 加麵 Jiā miàn, or you can add on a soft yolk egg – 加一顆糖心蛋 Jiā yī kē táng xīn dàn, or why not really treat yourself and go for an extra portion of Char Su pork in your bowl? 加一份五花叉燒 Jiā yī fèn wǔ huā chāshāo.


The unique thing about this place is that they use a ‘gas gun’ (probably not the technical term, but it’s exactly what it looks like). The chef aims the gas gun at the broth and blasts the hell out of it for a good few seconds, before turning his hand to the next broth.


Very cool effects

We went for one of the No.1’s and one of the No.2’s, accompanied by fried chicken cartilage, plum vinegar and a Calpis drink.


2012 Fire Miso Ramen


Yánno wèizēng lāmiàn



Presentation was lackluster to say the least, really. I guess just throwing everything in a bowl is fine, right? Well, no. At $270 per bowl, it’s fairly pricey. They could’ve done more, in my opinion.


The noodles were spot-on. Perfect. I wish I’d ordered extra noodles, actually (or that the portion size was a bit bigger – greedy).


The pieces of pork inside were great, too. Deliciously fatty, with enough meat in there to still provide a chew.

The soup base was on the salty side, but I like that in my ramen.

Salt Ramen


Hǎi xūn yánno cháo lāmiàn



Much nicer presentation, here. You can actually see the meat, noodles, and the seaweed. The broth looks clean and fresh, and that pork looks nice, too.


Again, the noodles were very good. The pork had a great flavour, and the ‘salty’ name for the broth didn’t seem befitting, as it tasted less salty than the broth of the Ramen bowl above.

It looks, and tastes clean. A good choice.

Lemon flavoured deep-fried chicken cartilage


Níng xiāng jī ruǎngǔ



They basically look like wings, right? The lemon fragrance on the skin was delicious and you could definitely taste it. The chicken itself was also plentiful, it wasn’t just a piece of cartilage deep-fried. Quite good, and certainly worth a try.

Opening Times:

Sunday – Thursday

11:30 – 15:00 and 17:30 – 21:30

Friday and Saturday

11:30 – 15:00 and 17:30 – 22:00


02 2775 2783

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