Taipei City – Woosan 韓式烤肉店 Korean BBQ


In the XinYi area near Taipei City Hall Station and the delicious Elephant Thai, Woosan is a Korean BBQ place.


Christmas Decorations? Yeh, ok…


OK, so it took us long enough to even get into here. We were booked in for 20:30 (grim, I know, but they had no other reservations 3 days in advance), but didn’t get in until almost 20:45 even when we arrived at 20:20. Hmm, nobody was sitting in our seat, so why the long wait? Hmm

The Menu


We opted for the 牛套餐 priced at $1290 for 2 people, $1890 for 4 people.



Each set gets a BBQ griddle pan like this, with egg on the bottom side, cheese on the top, and kimchi with beansprouts to the right.


You also get given 6 nice side plates. From front right to back left: King oyster mushrooms with sesame oil, wood ear with garlic and chilli, thinly sliced garlic, dried fish, potato, and daikon radish.


The mushroom was delicious, as was the wood ear. The potato is invariably a winner also, I feel.


This is the beef given. It looks nicely fatty, and tasty.


This the noodle pot also provided as part of the set. There’s some topoki inside, noodles with cheese, various veggies, and also some shrimp with some ham.



Tasty, but not mind-blowing.


The beef was cooked hot and fast, by the workers from Woosan. They seemed pretty good at what they were doing, and they were attentive.




As the egg started to bubble, we were told to wait a little while longer. Also we were informed of the fish eggs underneath the bubbling egg.



The beef was good, but not stunning.

In fact, all of the experience here at Woosan was good, but not stunning (long wait to sit at the table aside, that just sucks). I probably won’t rush to come back.

Opening Times: Monday – Friday 17:30 – 00:00, Saturday and Sunday 12:00 – 13:30 and 17:30 – 00:00

Tel: 02 2528 6389

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