Kaohsiung City – Hedona Deli Cafe

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A little while back, I spent a long weekend in Kaohsiung. Slightly slower paced in comparison to Taipei, slightly wider roads, poor air quality, but more of a relaxed feel.

I had heard about Hedona’s massive pork tomahawk and wanted to be a part of that.


Spacious and welcoming inside.


Yep, one of those as well, please.


Every man and their dog is cashing in on the coffee craze that seems to be sweeping the planet at the moment. And it also seems that people are looking for different methods to give their place an ‘edge’ over another. I’ve yet to try this slow-drip style coffee technique.


Pasta aglio e olio served with US blade steak

Inc appetizer, soup, and bread



We opted for the kebab to start, which was pretty tasty and juicy, with a bit of salad on the side and the soup to accompany.


This was pretty good. It took me a bit by surprise, actually. The steak was cooked really nicely, blushing in the middle and seasoned perfectly. The pasta was cooked al dente, the sauce was simple yet delicious, and it was all nicely filling. A great dish.

Chef Recommendation

With the ‘Chef Recommendation‘, you get soup, starter, bread, dessert + your choice of any $90 drink included.


Uninspiring, but not bad by any means. The salad was fresh, the bread was a bit chewy, and the soup was warming.


We absolutely had to check out the PingTung Tomahawk Pork Chop ($700) and it didn’t disappoint!


Glazed and cooked to perfection, the meat was juicy and succulent inside, with beautiful flavours running throughout. This was really a stand-out dish on our trip to Kaohsiung.


Being the speculative eaters that we are, we had to get some fries to accompany the pork chop, too.


We got the truffle fries. They were good, but perhaps a little too salty. The truffle flavour was nice, though, and pairs well with the pork.

Bottom Line: Worth a trip. Delicious pork and good pasta. My recommendation? Enjoy the salad and the appetizer for its inclusive offering, but don’t expect it to be a show-stopper. But, that tomahawk pork chop – yesss!


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