We had just finished dinner round the corner at 采味食光give-happiness and even though we were not specifically looking for any more food, the sweet, unmistakable smell permeated the alleys and streets. Before even seeing it, we knew what it was – 雞蛋糕!

I’m going to translate the menu for you guys. So, at the top, you can see a new one (‘NEW’ in orange right at the top) that has peanut butter 福源花生醬that will ‘explode’ (next time, this is my order, for sure!).

Just under that you can see a red box around 無餡料 where they use a flavoured batter. For these you can get the honey蜂蜜, or the honey and earl grey蜂蜜伯爵. For the ones that have filling 有餡料you can get custard奶油卡士達, chocolate超濃巧克力, cheese乳酪, or caramel apple焦糖蘋果. Custard, chocolate and cheese are relatively common. But, the caramel apple just screams out to be eaten! Each portion has 6 cakes.

I gotta get me one of these at home

We went for the chocolate flavoured one with filling inside – I’m a chocolate head. Interestingly, they don’t skimp on the filling here. They put maybe 2 drops in each of the cake moulds at the start, then they piled some more in for good measure – 2 thumbs up.

The big reveal…

After a few minutes, the timer goes off and they get ready to flip the pan and carefully take the cakes out of the mould. At this point, you get hit with the smell once more.

I’ve got to say, I was skeptical when I first saw them as they looked like there would be big air bubbles inside and that they would become flat and lose texture…

…but then I looked in the bag

Obligatory IG snap

Needless to say, the filling was deliciously dark and decadent chocolate and it went really well with the eggy flavour of the pancake mix. It was totally different to the one in DingXi that I recently went to, and I refuse to choose between the two. They are both delicious, and far superior to those you find in many nightmarkets around the city. $60 is considered fairly expensive when one equals to $10. But, really, you look at the price of a bar of chocolate in 7-11 and then you look at these. Which would you prefer? I know my answer

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