Taipei City – Off the beaten track

Tourist Hot Spot – LongShan temple, XiMen, Taipei botanical garden, Taipei Main Station.
Type of food – Taiwanese snack food.
Booking required – Not possible. Turn up and be prepared to wait a short time in the queue.
Price – $25 – $60
Website – N/A
Phone – +886223756299

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If you’re wanting some unalduterated Taiwanese snack-like food, then you’re looking at the right spot. If you can cope with the crowds of XiMen or just want a short walk from Taipei Main Station then this ticks the boxes. Expect to be a bit cramped inside, but expect to eat for 2 under $200, easily.

Tourist Hot Spot – CiSheng Temple, DaDaoCheng, DiHua Street, WenChang Temple.
Type of food – Taiwanese generational food
Booking required – Not needed.
Price – $100-$400 per main dish.
Website – N/A
Phone – N/A
Extras – Make sure to have a look at the table you sit at. Each table is associated with a specific vendor, therefore at the very least you need to order something from that vendor. However, you can also order from others, too.

Check out my original post, here.

Authentic flavours, amazing original dishes and all at a steal of a price. Expect to eat for 2 here under $200, but stretch to $300-$400 to make sure you check out everything good here!

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