Taipei City – Off the beaten track

Tourist Hot Spot – Taipei 101, Taipei City Hall, National Dr Sun Yat Sen memorial hall.
Type of food – Thai
Booking required – Recommended, but not needed.
Price – $150-$500 per main dish.
Phone – +886227491988

Check out my original post, here.

Insane value for money here. If you’re in the Thai mindset but don’t want to drop major money, then this could be the place for you. Make sure you get that thick seafood pancake!

So, this is not an exhausted list of the only places to check out around the tourist hot spots in Taipei. But, it’s a bit of something to get you startd. More will be coming, so keep your eyes out and subscribe to receive immediate email updates.

Author: eatingintaipei

Recently moved out to Taiwan and don't know how to order at restaurants? I got you sorted. Can read some characters but still don't quite know what you're ordering? I got you sorted. This site has been developed to help people who can't speak or read Mandarin. I use pinyin, characters and English to talk about food ordering, and how you can do it at specific restaurants. If you like it, then give me a shout! Ash.

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