Taipei City – 秦小姐豆漿店

I love breakfast!

Breakfast is something I take seriously, and so does this place. Expect an incredible array of delicious Taiwanese/Chinese dishes.

Cold noodles 涼麵 $55

Honestly, I could take this down all by myself. The only thing that wasn’t neccesarily my decision was the noodles. I don’t really know how I feel about noodles for brekfast, but I definitely know that any other time of day cold noodles with sesame sauce and cucumber is floating my boat.

Definitely get this – it’s the bomb!

Salted soy milk and egg 鹹漿加蛋 $45

Salty soy milk with deep fried dough stick and egg inside just has this incredible feeling of contentness every time I eat it. This bowl was great and I finished the bowl way quicker than I should.

蛋餅 for daaaaaaaays

Pork DanBing 新疆豬排蛋餅 $55

Now, let’s get things straight right now – I am not the kind of guy that’s touching those floppy, slippery, squidgy danbing 蛋餅 that litter the breakfast stores around the city, no. I am all about these crunchy, thick skinned 蛋餅 that encase plenty of filling, just like this one.

Stand back, things are getting real

Lion head meatball with egg inside a shaobing 獅子頭蛋燒餅 $55

Yep, you saw that right. Lions heat meatballs 獅子頭 inside the crispiest, most beautiful pastry shaobing that may ever grace your lips. What a treat. This, alone, is enough to make me come back on a regular basis.

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