Taipei restaurant – 池先生

Value for money: 10/10
Cleanliness: 5/10
Service: 9/10
Quality of food: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Pretty new on the block and in a part of the city I rarely go, 池先生 is serving up a ‘taste of Malaysia’.


They’re ticking the boxes with Laksa, dried curry noodles, penang style dishes…


…rendang dishes and so on.




Here’s the spread that we ordered


Hainan chicken rice


Hǎi nán jī fàn



The chicken was packed full of flavour, the rice was delicious and very well cooked and the soup was a nice palate cleanser to finish the meal set.


Watch out for that chilli sauce, though, that packs a punch!


Rambutan and longan juice 


Shuǐ guǒ lěn gyǐn (hóng máo dān +lóng yǎn)



Rambutan, lychee and longan. These 3 fruits all look the same and, really, they’re not easy to tell apart. The easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the outer layer of the fruit. However, the flesh part of the fruit you can see in the drink is quite difficult. It is, in fact, longan. How do I know? Rambutan is around the size of a golf ball, whilst longan is just considerably smaller.

The drink had a flower-like flavour and was very pleasant. It went down well with the spicy dishes and was very refreshing.

Mr Chee nasi lemak with fried chicken


Chí xiān shēng yē jiāng fàn pèi zhá jī



The spicy skin on the chicken accompanied by the spicy peanuts with the well cooked rice, fresh cucumbers and eggs all worked gloriously. There’s a reason Malaysia is increasingly more popular as a tourist destination!


I can’t fault the dish – wonderful.

Mr Chee nasi lemak with curry chicken


Chí xiān shēng yē jiāng fàn pèi hóng gā lí jī



Possibly my least favourite of the dishes we ordered, however, that’s not to say it isn’t good. But, the others were just better! The soup here is slightly sour but packs plenty of spice and depth of flavour. The potatoes and chicken inside are delicious.

The rice to the left is the same that accompanies the fried chicken above, and is great!

I think this place has won a solid spot as my new go-to curry place in town. It is very reasonably priced for the portion size you get, the flavours are all fresh, clean and delicious, and the atmosphere is good, too.

Opening Times

11:30 – 20:00


02 2738 9255

Author: eatingintaipei

Recently moved out to Taiwan and don't know how to order at restaurants? I got you sorted. Can read some characters but still don't quite know what you're ordering? I got you sorted. This site has been developed to help people who can't speak or read Mandarin. I use pinyin, characters and English to talk about food ordering, and how you can do it at specific restaurants. If you like it, then give me a shout! Ash.

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