New Taipei City street food – SanChong’s JinDa pork rice 今大滷肉飯,三重區

This place feels pretty typical of SanChong – the best places look like the worst!

A quick look at this menu and I started to get heart palpatations. Was this because my body knew what was coming (fat, fat and more delicious fat) or excitement? Both, I’ll go with both.

steamy tofu, bubbling pork gravy, spicy sauce sloshing all over the place…rock on!


Rice w/pork
魯肉飯 $30 (x2)
Lǔròu fàn

Fish belly
魚肚 $40

Stewed bamboo shoots
魯筍絲 $30
lǔ sǔn sī

Bitter melon and pork soup
苦瓜排骨湯 $50
kǔguā páigǔ tāng

Spoon after spoon after spoon after spoon. I don’t get bored of eating this. Incredible.
The fish is also delicious, but the bones are a bit too much.

Delicate pork, bitter melon and a handful of clams pepper the bowl. All steamed together in the bowl means the juices are all interconnected in this amazingly bitter, sweet, rich soup. Big recommend.

Porkin’ ‘ell, she’s a beauty!

This place could be a place I visit at least once every month. There’s not many spots in the city that can induce such serious acclaim
than that from me.

Author: eatingintaipei

Recently moved out to Taiwan and don't know how to order at restaurants? I got you sorted. Can read some characters but still don't quite know what you're ordering? I got you sorted. This site has been developed to help people who can't speak or read Mandarin. I use pinyin, characters and English to talk about food ordering, and how you can do it at specific restaurants. If you like it, then give me a shout! Ash.

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